National Tour - as Sally Bowles

"Thomas' portrayal of Sally Bowles is startling, capturing her sense of wonder and carelessness
with equal parts grace and grit. A native of Knoxville, Thomas delivers a worldly interpretation
of Sally while showing brief and fluttering glimpses of the characters' lack of guile and refusal to see the world around her. Her performance is electrifying throughout the play's two acts,and each of her musical numbers could be called "showstopping" lest that become redundant: "Don't Tell Mama" and "Mein Herr" are delicious nightclub production numbers performed to grand effect by Sally and the Kit Kat Girls, while "Perfectly Maravelous" could be considered a bit of musical comedy froth, if not for its underlying sense of desperation, and "Maybe This Time" is a terrific, theater-borne torch song that gives Sally a chance to claim her place among numerous showbiz legends. But it's "Cabaret" in which Thomas really stops the show - her performance is heartfelt and supremely dramatic, perfectly capturing everything that sets
Cabaret apart from every other musical ever written.", Broadway World

"Thomas’ compelling Bowles is the electricity charging this production. She’s extraordinarily
human even when she’s at her oblivious and cheeky worst. Her wistful Maybe This Time and
shattered delivery of the title tune move the songs from the realm of the familiar into the real.", Palm Beach Daily News

"I’ve always been stuck by how self-assured the otherwise attention-craving Sally seems in
Minelli’s performance of the song, Cabaret. Thomas does indeed belt it out like she’s “going
like Elsie” as the song’s lyrics tout. But there’s more to her performance. It seems somehow more layered, perhaps because I witnessed it live on stage, rather than in the confines of my
home on a tv screen, or maybe, just maybe Thomas is just that good. Sure, she’s trying to
not only convince herself and the audience that life is a cabaret, but, in doing so, she’s
acutely aware that there is life outside the cabaret. If Thomas’ performance is any indication,
she…and Sally…are more than ready to take it all on.", Nashville Arts Critic

"Bailey McCall Thomas gave a fantastic performance as Sally Bowles, the energetic and quirky,
if not slightly clueless, English head performer at the Kit Kat Klub. Thomas’s portrayal of Bowles
was raw and energetic, each song performed passionate and strong. Her performance of the song
“Cabaret,” was particularly powerful and heartbreaking.", The Arkansas Traveler

"Sally Bowles, played by Bailey McCall Thomas, gave a sterling and inspired performance that
climaxed with a lovely solo performance pushing the limits of one’s vocal range.", The Sophia News